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Butler County

Man SmilingButler County – the fastest growing county in Pennsylvania, and the only county to achieve population growth for five years running – offers you the best of all worlds.  Enjoy consistently low tax rates, a variety of site-ready KOZ zones, a wide range of housing values to satisfy any lifestyle, and direct Interstate access to all points on the compass.

The CommunityDevelopment Corporation of Butler River SceneCounty offers a series of free services to business owners looking to locate here, including workforce analysis, site selection assistance, transportation analysis, energy and utility services, community profiles, financing, tax structures/incentives, and overall coordination including environmental expertise.  It all combines to make Butler County one of the smartest, easiest and most productive moves a business can make.

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Butler County Chamber Of Commerce

Available KOZ's in Butler county:


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Ken Raybuck
Butler County Community Development Corporation
112 Woody Drive
Butler PA 16001
(724) 283-1961
Fax: 724-283-3599


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