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Fayette County

RaftersBusiness never looked so beautiful against the foothills of the Laurel Highlands.  Scenic Fayette County puts one within a 500-mile radius of over one-half of the population of the United States and Canada.  This area is making a leading role in forging the 21st century.  New development is giving rise to a high-tech future with entrepreneurs, start-ups and an influx of larger companies.  The southern regional location of Fayette County within the Pittsburgh region provides a major economic benefit.  It promotes close ties to Pittsburgh’s business, technology, educational and development ventures.

LandscapeExpansion of existing companies, support of start-ups and attraction of new businesses are encouraged through business plan development, financing programs and technical assistance. State-of-the-art training services ensure that the County has an available workforce with a strong work ethic to accommodate the needs of world-class businesses.  Fayette County offers diversity and opportunity: an unhurried lifestyle with fast-moving career potential.

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Fay-Penn Economic Development Council

Available KOZ's in Fayette County:

Brownfield I

Brownfield II

Connellsville Industrial Park - 1

Connellsville Industrial Park - 2

Connellsville Industrial Park - 3

Connellsville Industrial Park - 4

Fayette Business Park II

Fayette Business Park II

Fay-Penn Innovation Center - Multi-Tenant

Goodwin Road Property

Greater Uniontown Business Park I

Greater Uniontown Business Park II

Greater Uniontown Business Park III

Lemont Furnace I

Lemont Furnace II

Moyer/Mechling - 1

Moyer/Mechling - 2

RIDEC Property

South Union I

South Union II

University Business Park I

University Business Park II

University Business Park III

University Business Park IV

University Business Park IX

University Business Park VI

University Business Park VII

University Business Park VIII

University Business Park XI

University Business Park XII

University Business Park XIII

University Business Park XIV

University Business Park XIX

University Business Park XV

University Business Park XVI

University Business Park XVII

University Business Park XVIII

University Business Park XXII

University Business Park XXIII

University Business Park XXIV


Region Map With Fayette County Highlighted


Lori Scott
Business Support Coordinator
Fay-Penn Economic Development Council
1040 Eberly Way, Suite 200
Lemont Furnace, PA 15456
724.437.7913 X 207
724.437.7315 (fax)


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