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Washington County

Washington County SeatLocated minutes from Pittsburgh, Washington County has emerged as a high-growth area for many different business sectors, including biotechnology, information technology, agribusiness, advanced materials, advanced manufacturing and environmental technology.  In all, 31 different industry sectors display high-growth attributes, representing a portfolio of growth generators expected Covered Bridgeto drive Washington County’s economy well into the next decade and beyond.

What’s more, more than 80 businesses already in place in the county have stated their intention to expand operations over the next 10 years, with the highest job growth expected in service, retail and manufacturing.  With a growing business community and vibrant recreational and cultural amenities, Washington County is positioned very strongly for the future.

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Washington County Chamber Of Commerce

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Alta Vista Business Park


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Jeffrey Leithauser
Washington County Planning Commission
100 West Beau Street
Washington PA 15301
Fax: 724-250-4110





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